Rock-solid fundamentals in 6 months.


Your business is thriving, your team growing. Obviously you're doing many things right, so kudos for that!


  • Building an inspiring leadership team,
  • enabling effective collaboration,
  • timely hiring the right people,
  • motivating them,
  • training them,
  • rewarding them fairly,
  • making sure they can grow,...


I don't have to tell you scaling your team comes with its fair share of challenges.

You probably often talk about it with peers. You take courses. But tell me, when it comes down to actually designing your team structure or people strategy, do you ever feel alone? Have you ever started, only to end up in paralysis by analysis?


How empowering would it be to build on strong fundamentals?

To have structured processes and solid frameworks in place?

  • Imagine how much lighter you'd feel.
  • How much more time and energy you'd have left to actually grow the business.
  • Imagine how much faster your team would achieve better results. 
  • How much more fun it'd be for everyone. 


That does sound pretty great. Tell me more!

Introducing... the Level Up mentorship programme


The impact of 1-on-1 mentoring and tailored advice, combined with all the benefits of a digital content platform.

Achieve your next level and crush your big hairy goals by capitalising on my +15 years of studying and learning by doing.

Not only do you get my knowledge and experience on a silver platter, I immediately help you transform it into tangible solutions that works for you and your business.

I help you see the forest for the trees and take action first time right. For six months I am your personal sounding board. Your navigator in uncharted waters. The Bonnie to your Clyde.

To infinity & beyond! 


Level Up is DIY, not DIA. (Do It Alone. Yes, I just made that up.) You get a whole lot of Tinca to get you where you want to be:

kick-off session

deep dive

4 monthly mentoring hours

weekly progress calls

Whatsapp support

unlimited feedback via mail

Lunch & Learn close-out


A reserved ticket to Scaling forward (regular or the HR edition). The stepping stone for scale-ups & wildly ambitious SME's who want to grow their business and team without losing the spark!


All (science-based) information you need to master innovative labour organisation and design a people strategy from scratch, accessible wherever and whenever you want. Video's, an actionable workbook, step-by-step roadmaps, tools, templates and cheat sheets.

A huuuge time saver and more effective than Google (where, frankly, there's a lot of BS going around), if I may say so myself.



Hi! I'm Tinca.


At age 25 I became part of the management team in a fast-growing tech-company. I started building the People & Marketing strategy from scratch. I have an academic background in labour sociology, Human Resources Management and Innovative Labour Organisation.

I founded Leviosa because I love connecting business with people strategy. I made it my mission to help scale-up founders build innovative companies, sustainable jobs and stimulating working environments.

To enable both entrepreneurs and employees to lead a freer, richer and happier life.

Read my story  ➝

Wim, founder Wandman

This was the first time we asked for external help on an HR related topic. We hired our first employees ourselves. After only a few minutes of listening to Tinca's theory and approach, it was clear we had been conducting job interviews all wrong. Her razor-sharp strategy and approach stood out to me. Very professional and 'human'.

You don't need more information.

You need more implementation.

Wondering if Level Up is the right move for you? 
Let's find out together in a free discovery call. No strings attached. 
Talk soon!



For scale-up founders and wildly ambitious CEO's

Triggered but don't feel like booking a 1-to1 just yet? Join me on October 27th at 12:30 PM for my a free webinar on building strong fundamentals, growing your team while remaining effective and improving the quality of your hires.