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Scaling forward


A game-changing workshop where you'll discover how to grow your team without losing the spark.


Who? scale-up founders and C-levels of wildly ambitious SME's

What? 1-day live workshop + 2-hour individual follow-up session + toolkit

About? organisation design and  people strategy

Language? Dutch 

Where?  Studio Copain @ Kortrijk (Veemarkt)

When? Thursday March 9th 2023, 10 AM to 5 PM

Investment? 1997€ excl. VAT (save 599€ with the SME e-wallet)


Only 10 seats to ensure a high-value personal experience.

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Stijn Caels, CEO Solid Talent


Tinca intensively guided us in designing a new organisational structure and hands-on facilitated the change. What I appreciate most about her is her easy-going style, straightforward communication and useful feedback. She is an absolute pro and at the top of her field.

If you're running a succesful business, I bet this sounds familiar:


✔    You don't spend enough (day) time working on your business fundamentals because you're busy putting out fires. 

✔    You miss out on business opportunities because you can't hire the right people for the job fast enough. 

✔    You're not sure on how to (re)divide tasks and responsibilities as your team grows.  

✔    Everyone is doing their thing, but you're losing more and more grip on overall effectiveness and efficiency.

✔    There used to be this organic flow, but a lot more complaining seems to be going on these days.

✔    You can't just give Tom that pay rise, because then what about Louis? You miss clear frameworks.

    You go to events and talk to fellow entrepreneurs. You make progress but it's not the big leap you long for.

I feel you.


At age 25, I joined the management team of a fast-growing tech company. In 5 years we went from 100 employees in Belgium to 200 employees spread over 4 European countries.

I know how hard it is to uphold your knowledge and quality level when you're constantly onboarding new hires.

I know how it feels to watch your leaders and 'veterans' grow greyer by the month because they are drowning.

I know what it's like to be mediating all the time. Between departments. Team members. Managers.


I'm convinced we did many things right.

But something was off. It still felt like patchwork.

In 2019, I finally found out why. 

We should've focused on managing the system instead of the people.

The past 15 years I invested tons of time and money in both academic programs and learning by doing. The most valuable insight I can share with you is this: start with structure

Your organisational structure is like the foundation of your building. Mess up the base and it doesn't matter how perfectly you finish the rest. It's only a matter of time before your walls start to crack.


"With Tinca's help we were able to develop a clear and transparent growth framework. She taught me a lot on how to set up a solid base. I still benefit from the experience when starting new projects. Her creative and critical approach was of huge value to us."

Stephanie, people expert Stas (2 x Factory of the Future)

"Tinca brings proper structure to our organisation and HR in a hands-on way. She always takes into account our company vision, while staying true to her beliefs and showing a positively critical attitude."

Frank, COO Verhoestraete


A game-changing experience if you long for:

  • a way to level up sustainably, without you and your team getting stuck in a success story that no longer brings joy.
  • structured processes and supporting guidelines, without compromising on agility, high-quality service or execution speed.
  • a truly amazing employer brand, simply because the gold is real - not the icing on a stale cake
  • a clear direction and a step-by-step roadmap, so you know where you're going and where to start.
  • evidence-based insights and actionable tools to help you double your impact in half the time. 
  • examining your  foundations with an expert and feeling 100% ready for infinity & beyond (ok, maybe 98%).

"A workshop that guides you through the base of everything and really helps you to critically reflect on your organisational structure.
A good mix of theory and practical examples. Very tangible tips and documents to get started immediately!"

Kim, HR manager Desmet

"A very valuable insight I got out of the workshop is to look at the roles in your business first, without immediately putting faces on them."

Griet, people & operations @ Vandotec



Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of leading a growing team through unpredictable waters? Do you want to be the best employer you can be, but struggle to see the wood for the trees?

If so, then Scaling forward is definitely for you.

  • We talk about the 4 pillars that lead to effective teams and engaged employees: strategy, structure, culture and people.
  • I help you to feel confident and at home again in your own changing role as founder of a growth company.
  • I show you how to turn your business strategy into an effective team design with clear roles. The 20% that'll give you a huge competitive advantage on nearly all companies out there. Not kidding.
  • I make sure you know exactly what buttons to push to keep your people motivated and boost performance.
  • You walk away with way more peace of mind, knowing exactly how to rethink your organisational chart in any future growth step.

Not sure if it's the right time for you to sign up? Let's find out. I listen to your story and we evaluate together.



If not now, when? If not you, who? - Emma Watson





1-day live event

 2-hour individual follow-up session

Actionable workbook, tools, templates & cheat sheets (in print + digital)


There are 10 seats at the table for leaders who want to build their best team better and faster. Four seats left..

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