Start 2 Scale your team

Hosted by Tinca Secuianu, scale-up mentor on organisation design and people strategy. A solid academic background and over 10 years of just doing it.


What will I get out of this 1-hour online training?

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build strong fundamentals that bring clarity, focus and more peace of mind

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introduce more structure in your growing team without killing today's vibe

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immediately improve the quality of your hires with my quick wins checklist


Looking forward to share my top 6 strategic insights with you, along with a bunch of plug-and-play tips 🚀

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I've had my fair share of free webinars that were a complete waste of time. Little value, lots of 'who are we'-talk. That's not how I roll. I promise you tangible insights, both theoretical and from experience. At the end I'll tell you about Scaling forward, my upcoming live workshop for scale-up founders. You can shoot any questions you have to me live. So. Talk soon?


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